April 2018 Newsletter

Happy Holidays!!

Hope you are enjoying a bit of Spring weather. Inside the April Newsletter you’ll find:

  • Facts & Myths about Liberal Arts Education – Ask twenty people what they think about the term “liberal arts education” and you’ll likely get twenty different responses. Get the facts here.
  • Majoring in Nutritional Sciences – The food industry is the fourth largest industry in the world. Nutritional science is a great major for people interested in a health-related career, for those who want to work in the fitness industry, for individuals who love to cook and create recipes, and for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Appealing your Financial Aid Award – Are you short in funds needed to enroll at your first choice college? Consider appealing your financial aid award.
  • Handling Rejection – Advice for Parents – College rejection happens to most students, but it doesn’t need to define the rest of their life. Here are some tips to help your teen deal with denial.