March 2020 Newsletter

Attached you’ll find your March issue with articles that address:

  • Spring Admissions – Universities often manage enrollment through a number of alternate entry plans, with spring admission being a fast-growing option. For many students, being a spring first-year can be a wonderful opportunity. You can treat the fall semester ‘off’ like a mini-gap year and explore your many options.
  • Majoring in Genetics – A genetics major provides the knowledge base necessary for many specializations in biology. Graduates can find careers in a variety of fast-growing fields.
  • Appealing Your Financial Aid Award – If your first-choice college offers everything you want but the price tag is making you cringe, don’t give up hope; consider appealing your financial aid award. We tell you how here.
  • Selecting High School Classes – Juniors and underclassmen are asked to select next year’s program around this time of year. Remember to take classes that give you a solid foundation so you can be ready for college-level math, writing, and science classes. Read more to pick the program that is best for you.