December 2017 Newsletter


Attached you’ll find your December College Planning Center’s newsletter with articles featuring:

  • SAT or ACT? Deciding Which Test is Right for You – feeling confused about which college entrance exam to take? This may help.
  • Majoring in Cyber-security – with a median pay over $90,000 and a job growth rate greater than 37% over the next four years, cyber-security is one of the hottest majors around.
  • Searching for Scholarships – use our list of free databases to help you search for appropriate scholarships.
  • Religiously-affiliated Colleges – consider the pros and cons of attending a religiously-affiliated school before choosing the ideal university.

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November 2017 Newsletter


Attached you’ll find your November CPC Newsletter filled with interesting and timely articles.  Read about:

  • Big Fish or Little Fish?  – Deciding if you’ll be better suited to being a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond is an important part of finding a college that will be the best match for you.
  • Majoring in Actuarial Science  – When it comes to pay, job satisfaction, and employability, actuaries have one of the best careers available.
  • Net Price Calculators – Get an early estimate of your out-of-pocket cost before you finalize your college list.
  • Acing that Interview – Never turn down the offer of an interview!  If you do, it looks as though you are not a serious applicant. Here are some tips to guide your experience.
  • Should Standardized Tests be the Standard? – Although some schools downplay the importance of standardized tests, there is no question that there are colleges that rely heavily on them in making admissions decisions.

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October 2017 Newsletter

Hello & Happy Fall!

Attached is the College Planning Center’s Newsletter for October 2017. If you know someone that can benefit from this information please pass it along. As always if you have any questions contact me.

  • Choosing the “Right” Application – Here’s a rundown of the most commonly used college applications.
  • Majoring in Psychology – What can you do with a major in psychology and is this the right major for you?
  • It’s Time to Complete Financial Aid Forms – Oct. 1st marks the opening of the FAFSA application for students who will attend college in 2018-19.  Who should be completing the FAFSA and the CSS Profile and how do you do these?
  • Show Your Colleges Some Love – More than 3/4 of all US colleges consider “demonstrated interest” in evaluating applicants.  How can you show your colleges that you’d really like to attend?

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September 2017 Newsletter


I hope you had a terrific summer!

Attached you’ll find your first issue of the 2017-18 College Planning Center’s Newsletter.  Articles include:

  • Do Rankings Really Matter? – how can you compare colleges with different programs and cultures?  Here’s a look at the ways different ranking systems approach finding “the best”.
  • Majoring in Anthropology – students of anthropology develop cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity, both of which are in high demand in our global society.
  • Keeping College Application Costs in Check – applying to numerous colleges gets very expensive. Here are five ways families can keep college application costs under control.
  • Making the Most of Your High School Years – high school should be viewed as a chance to explore your interests.  Some ideas to be sure you’re maximizing opportunities during high school.
  • The Early Application Dilemma – students often feel pressured to apply early to avoid falling behind.  Is Early Decision or Early Action right for you?

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June 2017 Newsletter


Attached you’ll find the June issue of the College Planning Center’s Newsletter, It’s filled with articles for both your graduating seniors and younger students:

  • Tips for Surviving Your Freshman Year of College – Follow these tips to get off to a great start as you begin the next phase of your education.
  • Majoring in Meteorology – Are you a curious person who enjoys applying science and math to analyzing and solving problems? If so, a career as a meteorologist may be a good match.
  • Legal and Financial Issues Before You Depart for College – Some important things to act on before you leave for college.
  • Writing Great College Essays – It’s not too early to start thinking about your application essays.
  • Applying Early Decision – There’s been a push to earlier application deadlines.  Consider this article carefully before deciding to apply early decision.

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May 2017 Newsletter


Attached you’ll find the May issue of the College Planning Center’s Newsletter. Here are this month’s topics:

  • What Keeps College Admission Officers Up at Night?: Here’s a view from the other side.
  • Majoring in Urban Planning: Urban planners improve life for everyone in their communities.
  • Paying Your College Bill: Options to make the task more manageable.
  • Making the Most of Your Summer: Here are some ideas for making your time productive this summer.

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April 2017 Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Below you’ll find your April issue of the College Planning Center’s Newsletter with articles focusing on these topics.

  • Social Media – Think Before You Post:  With about 40% of admissions officers now visiting applicants’ social media pages, students need to be careful about what they post.
  • Majoring in Electrical Engineering: If you’ve always been fascinated by cutting-edge technologies, majoring in electrical engineering or electrical engineering technology may be a good choice.
  • Appealing for More Financial Aid:  Dream college still unaffordable? Individual financial aid officers are empowered to make adjustments, if they are deemed warranted. Here’s how you should proceed.
  • How Parents Can Help Seniors Handle Rejection:  Denials are inevitable in an atmosphere of increasingly selective admissions, but there are techniques that parents can use to help their children deal with their disappointment.



March Newsletter


Your March issue of The College Planning Center’s Newsletter includes articles on:

  • College Admissions Courtship – Discover the ways in which college admissions is much like an old-fashioned dating ritual.
  • Majoring in Molecular Biology – Majoring in this field prepares students for a wide range of careers in scientific research, medicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology.
  • Comparing Financial Aid Packages – The bottom line in comparing financial aid packages is the final cost of your education to you and your family.
  • SAT or ACT?  Which is Right for You? – There are some important differences to consider before making your decision.

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February Newsletter


In the College Planning Center’s February newsletter you’ll find articles on:

  • Attending College in Canada – Learn about the benefits of a Canadian education.
  • Majoring in Women’s Studies – This major is well-suited to students who are interested in social justice.
  • Lost-cost Ideas for Summer Adventures – Think outside of the box.
  • The 5 “Ps” of Choosing Colleges – Decide what your priorities are in your college search.

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January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I’ve attached your January 2017 issue of the College Planning Center’s Newsletter. This issue features articles on:

  • The Big University Experience – Learn about the benefits (and some of the drawbacks) to attending a college with an enrollment greater than 15,000.
  • Majoring in Animal Science – Discover the variety of career paths that await animal science majors.
  • Watch out for Scholarship Scams – Often families trying to find money to pay for college expenses fall victim to such scams; estimates of losses each year are in excess of a hundred million dollars.
  • Avoiding that Dread Disease: Senioritis – Every year, colleges around the country rescind admission offers. Don’t fall victim to senioritis!
  • Need Accommodations for the SAT or ACT – Here you’ll find recent changes to the process of getting accommodations for English Language Learners or students with disabilities.

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