April 2017 Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Below you’ll find your April issue of the College Planning Center’s Newsletter with articles focusing on these topics.

  • Social Media – Think Before You Post:  With about 40% of admissions officers now visiting applicants’ social media pages, students need to be careful about what they post.
  • Majoring in Electrical Engineering: If you’ve always been fascinated by cutting-edge technologies, majoring in electrical engineering or electrical engineering technology may be a good choice.
  • Appealing for More Financial Aid:  Dream college still unaffordable? Individual financial aid officers are empowered to make adjustments, if they are deemed warranted. Here’s how you should proceed.
  • How Parents Can Help Seniors Handle Rejection:  Denials are inevitable in an atmosphere of increasingly selective admissions, but there are techniques that parents can use to help their children deal with their disappointment.



March Newsletter


Your March issue of The College Planning Center’s Newsletter includes articles on:

  • College Admissions Courtship – Discover the ways in which college admissions is much like an old-fashioned dating ritual.
  • Majoring in Molecular Biology – Majoring in this field prepares students for a wide range of careers in scientific research, medicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology.
  • Comparing Financial Aid Packages – The bottom line in comparing financial aid packages is the final cost of your education to you and your family.
  • SAT or ACT?  Which is Right for You? – There are some important differences to consider before making your decision.

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February Newsletter


In the College Planning Center’s February newsletter you’ll find articles on:

  • Attending College in Canada – Learn about the benefits of a Canadian education.
  • Majoring in Women’s Studies – This major is well-suited to students who are interested in social justice.
  • Lost-cost Ideas for Summer Adventures – Think outside of the box.
  • The 5 “Ps” of Choosing Colleges – Decide what your priorities are in your college search.

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January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I’ve attached your January 2017 issue of the College Planning Center’s Newsletter. This issue features articles on:

  • The Big University Experience – Learn about the benefits (and some of the drawbacks) to attending a college with an enrollment greater than 15,000.
  • Majoring in Animal Science – Discover the variety of career paths that await animal science majors.
  • Watch out for Scholarship Scams – Often families trying to find money to pay for college expenses fall victim to such scams; estimates of losses each year are in excess of a hundred million dollars.
  • Avoiding that Dread Disease: Senioritis – Every year, colleges around the country rescind admission offers. Don’t fall victim to senioritis!
  • Need Accommodations for the SAT or ACT – Here you’ll find recent changes to the process of getting accommodations for English Language Learners or students with disabilities.

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December Newsletter

I hope things are going well for you as we head into the holiday season.  I’ve attached your December newsletter from The College Planning Center with articles featuring these timely topics:

  • Planning on Playing College Sports? – Prospective student athletes can discover what they need to do now if they plan to compete in college
  • Majoring in Communications –  Communications is a great fit for students who are interested in conveying information to others in innovative and creative ways.
  • Write your Way to a College Scholarship – Writing a really dynamite essay can pay off handsomely, and, unless the topic is unusually specific, essays can often be tweaked to fit the requirements of several contests.  Learn how here.
  • Using PSAT Results in Planning Testing Strategy – The real value in the PSAT is that it can provide you with a guide to your academic strengths and weaknesses and help you plan which tests to take and when to take them.
  • Your Applications are In – What Now? – You’re feeling the relief that comes as you complete your applications, but you’ve still got things to do as you await admissions decisions.

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November Newsletter


Attached is the November 2016 Newsletter from The College Planning Center.  This month our articles address:

  • Selective Admissions – Selective schools are inundated each year by applicants with strong grades and testing; so what sets the admitted ones apart from those who are denied?
  • Majoring in Animation – Animators create the exciting and intriguing graphics and realistic special effects used in many industries.  How can you prepare to work in this career?
  • The CSS Profile – About 400 colleges, universities and scholarship programs require an additional financial aid form beyond the FAFSA.  The CSS Profile allows colleges to gather more information in order to award their own institutional funds to deserving students.
  • Acing the Interview – Although it’s common to be nervous about an upcoming college interview, approaching the interview as a
    conversation, where you and the interviewer are exchanging information, can actually make it fun.
  • How Colleges Evaluate Transcripts – admissions officers work hard to assess the multitude of transcripts as fairly as possible. Learn what they are looking for.

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October Newsletter


Attached is the October Newsletter from The College Planning Center.  Articles this month include:

  • Step by Step Guide to the Coalition Application – understand the key components of the Coalition Application and how to navigate its website
  •  Majoring in Biomedical Engineering – Forbes calls this “the most valuable major” – but what is it and what can you do with a major in this field?
  • Time for a FSA ID – Completing your FAFSA early is more likely to result in your receiving your financial aid package close to the time that you learn about your acceptance.  You and your parent will need a FSA ID to get started
  • Demonstrating Interest – For many selective colleges, the applicant’s “demonstrated interest” becomes a “tip factor” in the admissions decision.
  • Considering a Community College? – Time to dispel some myths about community colleges

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September Newsletter

I  hope you’ve had a terrific summer. I cannot believe September is here. In the September Newsletter you will find information on the following:

  • The Rise in Test Optional Admissions – The list of colleges that DO NOT require SAT or ACT tests for admission continues to grow.
  • Majoring in English – The skills you gain by majoring in English are applicable to a wide variety of careers.
  • Changes to the Financial Aid Process – Using Prior Prior Year data (PPY) has benefits for both colleges and families.  And the FAFSA now opens in October.
  • The Pros and Cons of Attending a Single Sex College – Although the number of single sex colleges continues to shrink, attending this type of college can impart numerous benefits.  Learn what to consider here.
  • Impact – The Harvard report, Turning the Tide, encourages applicants to demonstrate more meaningful contributions to others.

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June Newsletter

This is our last issue before the summer break.  We resume publishing in late August.  In this June issue you’ll find articles on:

  • Why Study Abroad? – Students heading off to college should think seriously about study abroad options.
  • Majoring in Industrial-Organizational Psychology – This major combines the principles of psychology and motivation with the world of business.
  • Managing College Finances – Budget for all of the additional expenses that are part of the college experience.
  • The New SAT vs the ACT – What are the differences and how can you choose which test is right for you?
  • Getting Off to a Great Start at College – Things to consider as you transition to the next phase of your life.

May Newsletter

Click here to view the May College Planning Newsletter. This month’s topics include:

  • The Importance of Solid Safety Schools (is there such a thing?)
  • Majoring in Sociology (classes and career options)
  • Tax Credits for Higher Education (three possible benefits)
  • Military Academies (a brief overview)
  • Things to Know Before College (life skills to master before you go)

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