June Newsletter

This is our last issue before the summer break.  We resume publishing in late August.  In this June issue you’ll find articles on:

  • Why Study Abroad? – Students heading off to college should think seriously about study abroad options.
  • Majoring in Industrial-Organizational Psychology – This major combines the principles of psychology and motivation with the world of business.
  • Managing College Finances – Budget for all of the additional expenses that are part of the college experience.
  • The New SAT vs the ACT – What are the differences and how can you choose which test is right for you?
  • Getting Off to a Great Start at College – Things to consider as you transition to the next phase of your life.

May Newsletter

Click here to view the May College Planning Newsletter. This month’s topics include:

  • The Importance of Solid Safety Schools (is there such a thing?)
  • Majoring in Sociology (classes and career options)
  • Tax Credits for Higher Education (three possible benefits)
  • Military Academies (a brief overview)
  • Things to Know Before College (life skills to master before you go)

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April Newsletter

Happy Spring!

In our April edition, we highlight the need to consider costs when making final college decisions, while still including articles of interest to all high schoolers and their families.  In this issue you’ll find:

  • Portfolio-Based College Applications – Learn about the continuing digital application revolution.
  • Majoring in Gerontology – The job prospects for students with a background in gerontology have never been better.
  • Comparing the Cost of Attendance –  Discover a 3-step method of comparing out-of-pocket costs for each of your choices.

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March Newsletter

Click here to view the March Newsletter from The College Planning Center.  In it you’ll find articles of interest about:

  • Spring Break College Tours
  • Majoring in Peace & Justice Studies
  • Sources of Merit Scholarships-part 2
  • Ideas for a Productive Summer
  • The Wait-list Blues


February Newsletter

Click here for the February Newsletter from The College Planning Center. In it you’ll find articles of interest about:

  • What are the Best Extracurricular Activities? – Does it really matter to admissions what types of activities consume your time and interest? Are some activities more valued than others?
  • Majoring in International Business – Explore this highly coveted major for our increasingly global society.
  • Sources of College Scholarships – Learn how to qualify for the numerous merit scholarships awarded by the colleges themselves.
  • Set up a Summer Internship Now – It may seem early to you, but the best internships for high school students are filled in the dead of winter.
  • Understanding Rank and GPA – Colleges are concerned about these, but what do they mean and how are they calculated?


January Newsletter

Click here to view January’s Newsletter from The College Planning Center. In it you’ll find articles of interest about:

  • Alternatives in Higher Education – An introduction to a variety of newer options for those looking for a less traditional education
  • Majoring in Energy Management – Learn about career options especially suited for students who are interested in both business and sustainable energy and energy resources
  • FAFSA Time – How and when to complete the most important piece of the financial aid puzzle
  • BA vs BFA – Students with an interest in the arts are often confused about the differences between these degrees.  Learn how to determine which is the right degree path for you
  • Athletes and College Recruiting – Thinking about playing your sport at college?  Learn the role that athletics plays in the college admissions process