November 2020 Newsletter


Hope you and your family are doing well. 

Click the button below for your November College Planning Newsletter.  Here you’ll find seasonally appropriate articles:

  • Taking a Deep Dive into a College Website – In the age of COVID, everything about college research has changed and teens must focus their efforts on online resources, the college website being the primary focus of that research. Learn here how to gather the information you’ll need to make decisions about fit.
  • Majoring in Communications – If you are interested in journalism, politics, public relations, blogging, or analyzing language, a communications major may be right for you. A communications major prepares you for a wide variety of careers.
  • The CSS Profile –  About 400 colleges, universities, and scholarship programs use both the FAFSA and an additional form, the CSS Profile, to gather more information in order to award their own institutional funds to deserving students.  Learn more here.
  • Making the Most of Virtual Tours (part 2) – Last month we talked about some of the ways students could use virtual options to learn more about prospective colleges. Here are some additional routes for making the most of the digital world. 

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